Euromixers Ltd is a UK company with over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of industrial fluid mixers and agitators, which are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Since 2012 Euromixers products of the IBC line are also available in Italy thanks to the collaboration with Gadda S.r.l., the only official distributor in our country.

The line of agitators for IBC has been developed to perfectly adapt to cage tanks that comply with the standard IBC dimensions (acronym of Intermediate Bulk Container). The result is ease of application and use in safety, thanks to a simple but effective hooking system adjustable by means of 2 toggle clamps.

NEW: Line of fixed stirrers. They are available in wall mounted, floor mounted or free standing versions. Also this line of agitators is available with both electric and pneumatic motor. Moreover, as for the IBC line, safety is always in the foreground, as the mixer can be started only if there is a tanker and the agitator is correctly lowered.

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Agitators for IBC cage tanks

The Euromixers agitators for IBC cage tanks are compact and complete. They are equipped with electric motor (also available with ATEX certification) or pneumatic motor. The electric motors can be equipped with a speed control. The frame has been designed for handling by electric forklift blades.

The E-400 folding propeller acts as a stirring device, but it is also possible to have multiple propeller shafts.

NEW: The IBC agitator is also available with a plastic shaft and propeller for aggressive mixtures.

Our IBC tank mixers / agitators comply with European safety standards.

IBC mixers with pneumatic motor

In addition to traditional air motors, our agitators are also available with penumatic motors. These are equipped with a control valve to regulate the mixing speed and are equipped with a silencer.

Also in air version the agitators have a rich list of accessories, such as for example the frame for handling by forklift truck.

Just like the electrics, the air motors are also available in ATEX version, to guarantee safety in explosion-prone environments. for more information please do not hesitate to contact us!

Propeller E-400 foldable

Our IBC mixers are equipped as standard with a folding propeller blade. When the agitator is switched off, the blades face downwards to easily pass through the IBC tank opening (diameter 150 mm). When the engine is switched on, the blades are arranged horizontally.

Optional hopper

Turn your IBC stirrer into an industrial mixer!

The frame can be equipped with a hopper for the addition of powders and additives during the operation of the device. The inlet is oriented so that the added product does not come into contact with the agitator shaft.

Addition of liquids

For the addition of liquid additives during operation Euromixers provides up to two hoses. The inlet is constructed so that the liquid will fall without touching the shaft.

Another way to use the agitator as a mixer directly in the IBC!

Agitator with hopper and hoses

Make your agitator more effective!

With the hopper, in combination with the connections for adding liquids, you turn your IBC stirrer into a real production tool. All this at a reasonable cost.